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Extortionist who shakes down big buisness for donations to his phony "charity". Also fathered a child with a woman who works for him and paid her $400,000 out of his Rainbow Push Coalition.
Jesse Jackson is a fraud.
by the prophet July 30, 2003
An extortionist that is convinced that every white person is racist.
Uh-oh, here comes Jesse Jackson, better run.
by rightwinger July 29, 2004
verb. To make millions of dollars by founding a "non-profit" organization which threatens large companies with boycotts unless they "contribute" tens of thousands of dollars to the organization.
NASCAR was jesse jacksoned into donating money to the rainbow/push coalition.
by hankanatorX July 01, 2003
A camera chaser.
He started a scandal so he could Jesse Jackson his way onto TV.
by K40 January 13, 2004
A man who gets involved with everything that involves a black person, and thinks that he is needed everytime that something happens. He turns everything into a race issue. If Micheal Jackson is in trouble, its a race issue, if O.J. Simpson kills someone, its a race issue.
**breaking news** Chicago man kills wife. Jesse Jackson has released a statement on this, althought having no relation or having anything to do with this, saying, "Had this been a white man killing his wife, no one would have made a big deal of it, this is all because of race."

Give it a rest Jackson, quit your dayjob.
by Danderson June 06, 2005
(verb) To cut a mans testicles or "nuts" off.
The next time your boyfriend hits you, Jesse Jackson his punk ass!!!
by Kilikikopa December 07, 2010
He is the emperor of black people.
Whenever someone says an "N" word, Jesse Jackson makes it all okay, then no black person is allowed to be offended.
by Sam is a Dick March 07, 2007
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