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1. To enjoy all the physical perks of dating someone without all the expectations, labels, or responsibilities involved with actually dating someone. To be friends with benefits.

2. To bond emotionally by means physical contact without the presence of any sort of intimate relationship; strictly casual and between friends.
1. Franny and Oliver jesh all the time. They love to spoon and occasionally have great sex with one another; but they're not actually dating. They're just friends with benefits.

2. Kirk and Brian like to snuggle during movies because they feel a little jeshing keeps the bromance alive.
#sex #friends with benefits #bromance #dating #spooning
by Kirk R. Gordon November 23, 2010
To joke around, or to say something in an exaggerated manor.
Man, don't be crazy. Quit jeshing me. I know you ain't speaking truth.
#joking around #exaggerate #kidding #fooling #having a laugh
by Michael W. Jones March 04, 2008
Male / Female name--meaning Quiet strenth.
They named him Jesh.
#strong #peaceful #inerstrenth #patient #heartful
by Michael A Markey May 15, 2006
The only boy that makes my heart beat. I love him till the death of me, he's so sweet and knows just the right things to say that make me fall in love with him more and more every day, I'd give him the world. I couldn't be any happier with anyone else, he's the ONLY one I'll ever want and need. Whenever his name comes across my phone, my heart skips a beat. He's the best thing that's EVER happened to me, he has the key to my heart. He's the bugs bunny to my Lola <3. It's forever, He's in love with Amie Rose forever. :) <3 I love you baby.
Amie loves Jesh foreverrrrrrrrrrrr baby :) <3
#amie #rose #martinez #loveees #him #forever #cutest #sweetest #boy #ever
by AmieRoseMartinez July 16, 2011
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