Term used to cover up foul words where you are not able to use foul words. Best used in a restaurant environment.
That mother Jerry Springer accused me of spitting in his food.
by trEpAz November 06, 2006
an adjective used to describe a crazy confrontational jealous female
when I bailed on happy hour last week and she saw me tagged on Facebook with another woman, she went all jerry springer on my ass...
by doc SM February 24, 2014
someone who gets "sprung" easily. Falls into crushes quickly and numerously.
Dang, that dude gets sprung so much....he must be a Jerry Springer!
by MsPrada April 29, 2009
another name for an ecstasy pill
we gettin on the jerry springer's tonight or what?

yeah for sure its gonna be a goooood night hehehehe
by sweetdude69 January 10, 2010
One sick, perverted S.O.B. who makes a living hosting a trash talkshow that mocks the ills of the socially dysfunctional and downtrodden, particularly whitetrash and glamourizes violence, racisim, debauchery, sexual immorality, promiscuity and homosexuality.

Gags on the show include female audience members receiving beads when they expose their breasts, sound effects that include a "moo" sound and a "boing", a stripper's pole, the audience singing the National Anthem when the word AMERICA is uttered and the popularity of the show's top security guard, Steve, particularly when female audience mebers rub his bald head.
Jerry Springer is the most perverted son of a bitch in America and is one of the reasons most of the world hates us.
by krock1dk September 03, 2007
Alias given to the guy when talking about sex
I fucked jerry springer last night
by doorknocking penis September 24, 2003
A show that uses actors.

A show that exists to make all white people look like trailer trash.

A racist,anti-white people,propaganda show that is designed to make all white people look dumb.
Jerry Springer is a sick perverted freak who gets aroused by his show when he manufactures episodes that center around incest and pedophilia and interracial gay and lesbian action.

Jerry Springer is a racist.

Jerry Springer's show uses actors to make white people look terrible.

Jerry Springer is your typical Democrat bastard.
by Towelie October 29, 2004
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