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a bag full of tea, what you make tea out of
jimmy dipped his teabag in his grandmothers cup of hot watter and made tea
by Towelie March 13, 2005
a hole in the wall where monkeys code games
dumpster, port o potie, empty tire, can all be used as microsoft game studios, they even have a mobile studio, the garbage truck
by Towelie February 27, 2005
a good band at first but then went the way of all the other mtv sell out bands, and now with the release of american idiot they lick balls.
Green day used to kick ass with dookie, but now they lick balls b/c they sold out to mtv like all the other poser punk rock bands, burn in hell mtv!!
by towelie January 02, 2005
a computer company that says its computers are better but in reality are no better and even worse than PC's, for one they are hopelessly un upgradeable and another, the newest game for mac is starcraft...makes you think doesent it?
the only good thing apple has going for it is the ipod, and b/c they suck they had to make a pc compatible version
by Towelie February 26, 2005
only the best soft drink ever, coke and pepsi are miles behind
Dr Pepper kicks ass!!!
by towelie July 14, 2004
what a lot of french and canadian people have every day
that frenchman does great monkey sex
by Towelie March 06, 2005
A show that uses actors.

A show that exists to make all white people look like trailer trash.

A racist,anti-white people,propaganda show that is designed to make all white people look dumb.
Jerry Springer is a sick perverted freak who gets aroused by his show when he manufactures episodes that center around incest and pedophilia and interracial gay and lesbian action.

Jerry Springer is a racist.

Jerry Springer's show uses actors to make white people look terrible.

Jerry Springer is your typical Democrat bastard.
by Towelie October 29, 2004
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