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"The cheapest way to get jewelry, (particularly beadead)"
"Jerry Springer I would like to get my Jerry Beads"
by kristinamaried January 08, 2010
"South Jersey is the place to be. We have all that ya need to be happy (; We got...

-WaWa, Gotta love those midnight runs.

-Cowtown/Rodeo, Best farmers market youll ever go to
(and yes, we all remember when the statue of the cowboy standin in front of cowtown brooke in half, and all was left was his blue jeans) (;

-We got all different kinda folks. We got people who rock those baggy jeans and then others showin' off those wrangler jeans (;

-Boys with their sexy big ol' toy trucks (;

-We have the best corn and tomatoes, no matter what.

- Almost anywhere ya wanna go is close enough for you to walk or ride your bike

-We have poor grammar, and proud of it.

-The best diners, bars, and barbeques in the summer.

-Youll always see a bumper sticker that says somethin like O.C. , GIT R DONE or WILDWOOD,

-Our car rides are always some fun, we honk at random people while we drive by for no reason, just for kicks (;

- the beach where we eat jersey fries, mac and mancos pizza, go crabbin, and hava good time ;P

-parties in the middle of fields and houses, and crazy bonfires that last through the night ;P

- The lovely smell of MANOR. ya..were use to it.

- We have the good accents. "Woodur".."I sall you there"..."tawk" we say it good and right.

If your not from South Jersey I recon you should be, and wish ya were (;
(12:00 at night, at home with a friend)
friend 1: Were from south jersey, what the heck are we doin at home, lets go to wawa up the street, like we do every day" (;

friend 2: ya good idea ill go start up the truck (;
by kristinamaried January 08, 2010

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