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No one really knows what a jerg is. Rumors has it that it is a belly buddon but thats definitely not true. The word "Jerg" can be used to censor any words in a sentence. Jerg is also the nickname for Jeremy Hall. The person who came up with jerg was Jacob Plissey, Co founders: Adam and Ty.
The huge jerg went in and out of Vicky, then when it reached it's apex it jerged all over the place.
by methodty November 28, 2011
4 13
The Korean way of saying `zerg' in the game of Starcraft.
also see `jergling`
So many jerglings! - "MKP"
Jerg macro IMBA, IMBA! - "MC"
by SC2 fan January 07, 2012
21 3
Someone with a very large nose.
He's got a jerg.
by deezbooties February 02, 2011
1 11