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The Korean way of saying `zerg' in the game of Starcraft.
also see `jergling`
So many jerglings! - "MKP"
Jerg macro IMBA, IMBA! - "MC"
by SC2 fan January 07, 2012
No one really knows what a jerg is. Rumors has it that it is a belly buddon but thats definitely not true. The word "Jerg" can be used to censor any words in a sentence. Jerg is also the nickname for Jeremy Hall. The person who came up with jerg was Jacob Plissey, Co founders: Adam and Ty.
The huge jerg went in and out of Vicky, then when it reached it's apex it jerged all over the place.
by methodty November 28, 2011
Someone with a very large nose.
He's got a jerg.
by deezbooties February 02, 2011

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