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Trippin; a crazy off the wall kind of person. One with great ideas the dull and boring do not like, a spark in a can of gasoline, and firework in your hand. His wit is as sharp as his mind, a cunning bastard, a sneaky bastard.
Person1: Hey look at the tall blonde jeremey creature walking

Person2: yes the rare trippin, the man the myth the legend.
by theonetheonlysersmoke October 22, 2014
A douchebag, lying sack of shit, thinks he's black, talking about black history month but he's not. Thinks his bmw is cool but it's gay, mommy and daddy bought it. Has a small dick based on the pictures he sends everyone. Also, a cheater, faggot, cunt, and an overall piece of shit.
Have you seen that BMW over there?

Yea, must be a Jeremey.
by Tomahawk. February 06, 2014

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