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Someone who is able to do something unnoticed.
Teacher yells at students for spray painting on the lockers. When the teacher turns his/her back one student hops out the window (first floor). The teacher turns back to give the remaining students cleaning supplies.

Student: Oh that sneaky bastard.

John: Hey Rich I stole your Ipod at the beginning of lunch
Rich: You sneaky bastard.
by GODS JUDGMENT May 29, 2010
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when you're speeding, a cop who:
1.) at night, hides in plain sight without their lights on
2.) hides in one of the "emergency personel only" cut throughs on the highway
and waits until you pass him, then pulls you over
"You saw that cop right."
"No. He better not pull a sneaky bastard."
by superphatgurl March 21, 2010
before you finger a girl go to the bathroom then get jizz on your finger then finger the girl.
Dude i gave that girl a sneaky bastard last night
by volcomkidd March 22, 2009
A guy who cheats quietly on his girlfriend behind her back and doesn't want be embarassed later, cause wants to get benefits on her.

* Someone who cheats on someone behind his/her back.
She loved and trusted him totally but that selfishness sneaky bastard cheated on her behind her back with other girls.
by lick me now January 26, 2009

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