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Having sex while immgratig to another country illegaly
the ride to from cuba to america was tough
Not if you had an osackay
#cuba #immgration #bbyo #sex #a
by lionofzion June 05, 2009
Getting a Blowjob by a girl name eva on a plane to Beruit. prounced bright like the sun
Person1: DId you hear what person 3 did

person2: he went on vacation to lebanon and got a jeremey breit
#leabnon #breit #eva #beurit #st jude
by lionofzion June 04, 2009
A super fly dude, who looks like a seal and is best freinds with a black haired jew.
hey did you see that jew and that seal
yeah that was Ethan Ritz and david
#cool #jew #seal #ritz #david
by LionofZion June 04, 2009
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