poop and pee dat ferments into a balloon and then sucked in by de user. also known as butt hash. literally good shit.
i was so high after i sucked dat jenkem
by balloon boozer December 02, 2007
to do jenkem unto someone unexpectedly.
to crap all over someone's face and/or body.
dude, u gonna jenkem him?
dude, let's jenkem him.
by vmikeydet08 November 27, 2007
A mix of half Hpnotiq half SunKist, pour slowly the mixture will look like a swirling Jenkem mix but it tastes like orange Gummi Bears
Jon: Ey Mix me up some Jenkem
Jon: NOO not that Jenkem, I ment the Non-butt hash one
by Vexcon 4 January 06, 2008
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