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A common name for anyone of the African american race. Preferably one who is rich or may have a lot of money.
"Did you see Alex?"
"Yeah, he was at Gamestop buying a PS3 and some games"
"rich bastard"
"yeah, he's a lordy lordy"
by Captain Schpack April 09, 2010
An exclamation of surprise, exasperation, or other strong emotion. Generally used by older generations, but also picked up by teenagers primarily from the US Eastern seaboard.
Child: Nana, what's love like?
Great-Grandmother: Oh lordy lordy, you are too young to be asking that question. Don't fall in love with boys yet; if they try to kiss you just sock them in the nose. Lordy, what's your mother teaching you?
by Armygirl0604 May 07, 2016
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