Wanting what others have
Brendan: "Jealous of my happiness"
by Patrick Macpherson April 24, 2006
What the rest of the world is when forming opinions of the United States.
Sam: Which country on the Planet is most hated?

Pat: I don't know, which?

Sam: The United States. Which country do most people list as the most desirable place on the planet to live?

Pat: I don't know, which?

Sam: The United States.

Pat: How can that be?

Sam: Obviously they're jealous.
by Samantha Minardi May 12, 2008
Being envious of someone
Nicola is fucking jealous of hannah because she is with dan and nicola is not
by dan December 02, 2004
In which you want something, that you can never have. you corrupt reputations and lives because of it, but in the end you never get what you want, so don't even bother.
Emily is jealous because all of her friends are in relationships. She wishe's she could be in one too. But it's never going to happen, so in return she get's mad at her friends, because she doesn't have a lify
by Tyler Durden January 31, 2005
A word hurled both at people who are truly envious of something (often something really stupid) and cynics who don't give a fuck but just like to spite people because said people are dumbasses.
Cynic: Fuck these dumbasses, they're so obsessed with their money and stupid fucking cars.

random dickhead: fuck u ur just jealous nigga

Cynic: No, fuck you, dumbshit. I'm not jealous of your worthless and pathetic lifestyle.
by Shadow Creator December 11, 2007
The act of greed, or of being greedy
Smith got jealous playing Tony Hawk 3.
Instead of passing the ball, Smith got jealous and wasted a scoring opportunity by shooting wide.
by superpat July 05, 2003
When one becomes envious of others, usually the others being their "friends" and they are usually envious because their friends are secure and they are not. The often deny being jealous.
Camille is jealous of Suzanne because Suzanne has had he same boyfriend for over a year, and Camille has too much acne to be in a relationship.

One day, Camille's parents gave her a car. Camille bragged about it to Suzanne, but Suzanne didn't really give a shit because Suzanne wasn't dependant on her parents.
by Morbidia May 29, 2005

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