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A recluse is someone in isolation who hides away from the attention of the public, a person who lives in solitude, i.e. seclusion from intercourse with the world.
"He’s really quiet and very reclusive.”
by Rachel =D August 11, 2008
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Reclusive often refers to as being shut out of the world.
-someone who is reclusive is someone who never goes outside, someone so lonesome, and full of darkness
-someone who recently has had a loss; in need for loneliness and the peace of their own comfort
-Often reclusive people live in a old rustic house that hasn't been properly cared for in years
-Reclusive Scene: Lights are off and it looks like no one is home, curtains are down and the person living there doesn't ever say hi or greet the neighbors
All Ms. Franny does all day is sit in her house with the curtains down and the lights off, she is very reclusive.
by Queen/Cupcakes/Sister February 21, 2017
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