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Hot usually short and small but full of love to give and share. Mean at times but you don't stop loving him.
I love Jay so much and I just can't stop!
by i♥jay623 November 01, 2009
A name of a boy or girl, often shortened from the original name.

Normally mistaken for purley a boy's name.

Also can mean "free" (derived from the term - "free as a jay bird")
Tim: "Hey Jay, how you doing?"


'He was happy now that he was a Jay, being with that girl sure tied him down'
by Jay21 May 03, 2006
Someone who is so good at COD that everyone is amazed at how he can have a life at the same time.
Did you see that jay walk past? He was friggen ripping up on COD last night
Yeah i can't believe he bangs like 5 chicks a night as well
by Jeff123456789101112 November 14, 2010

Used to shorten the word,


Also seen as "J's"

Not to be confused with Nike 'Jays'

Derived from deep 'dope boy' slang.

Commonly used by trappers.
"Jays beatin' down the door, lookin like zombies"

"Gotta get up early to catch them jays"

"Straight drop work, got the jays harlem shakeing"
by ILoveMyMexicanFriend January 24, 2010
A Modesto C.A, graffiti artist.
Did you see "Jays" new piece on that wall.
by chad_12345 March 02, 2009
A super cute guy, who is tall and amazingly hot. He smokes weed when he feels like it and has the biggest heart ever. Usually into cats and sometimes has too much pride. A jay is funny and has an adorable smile. He is dedicated to what he does and has a clear planed future ahead of him.
Jay, pass the J.
by antidote June 17, 2013
a shy boy with a perverted mind... and tends to have unruly hair
Oh Jay! Stop being an idiot!
by dfasdfasdfafasdfasdfasd April 28, 2011