A stupid or uneducated person. Originates from the 1900s. If someone who doesn't look like even McDonalds won't want to hire them calls you a jay, they're basically calling you a fucking retard. Jaywalk(er) was rooted from the term jay and was used to keep idiots from walking in the fucking street. Jay and jaywalker were used as insults not meaning someone is dope you retarded fucking zombies.
The jay was too dumb not to walk in front of speeding automobiles.
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An unequivocal word to describe anything that exceeds greatness. Can also be used as a noun: jayer
Usain Bolt is a jayer.

Last night was jays.
by jayer69 July 24, 2010
Jays is the word to replace "jokes" with. People say "hey that guy is jokes" and being to sound like homosexuals. Jays in short form-j's was derived in ancient mythological time and is now being brought back beyond popular demand. It can be altered into many forms. Such as PFJ's=PURE F***ing Jays...or jaysons...this word is so versitile...so sleek...while still maintains that sense of class we need in our english laguage today.
"Wow, that guy is JAYS!"
"jays overload right here"
"Man thats jokes...i believe the proper term is jays"
"That was JAYSONS"
"Damn, thats pfj's...did u see that...he had the smallest rod ever"
by Kirk A January 26, 2005
A Jay is someone who acts constantly sexual towards members of both sexes, usually to friends.
"Dude, Jennifer was being such a Jay yesterday"
"No way what'd she do?"
"She pinned me down then licked her lips"
by theninjapwnzor March 11, 2010
1. Someone that is not gay enough to be gay, but is still rather homosexual.

2. Something that is not stupid enough to be considered gay, but is extremely close.
1. Yeah, he has a girlfriend, but he's still really jay.

2. Dude, you got a B? That's jay.
by MorganneAsh April 10, 2008
To pull a Jay is to have sex for a very short period of time.
We were gonna fuck and she told me to pull a Jay 'cause we didn't have a lot of time.
by tacoslut May 29, 2011
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