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A shorter term for "Blow Jay," which also refers to a blow job or oral sex.
Man, I'm never gonna ask for a Jay on the first date again!
by Schneids22 April 17, 2012
A vagina, pussy, box, female-fun-gear
Shortened from VaJay, or VaJayJay
Dude, I was munching on her jay for an hour yesterday

That chick at the party last night had the worst smelling jay I've ever encountered
by gdbInfinity March 08, 2012
A Jay is someone who acts constantly sexual towards members of both sexes, usually to friends.
"Dude, Jennifer was being such a Jay yesterday"
"No way what'd she do?"
"She pinned me down then licked her lips"
by theninjapwnzor March 11, 2010
A pie containing everything that a pie can possibly contain, such as steak strips, cheese, even dog liver.

Can also be used as an insult to someone who is seriously fat.
Vendor: Get your hot Jays here! Fresh hot Jays with chicken!

Stop being such a Jay, and let go of that 3 gallon tub of ice-cream!
by kumbaaayyy September 29, 2011
To pull a Jay is to have sex for a very short period of time.
We were gonna fuck and she told me to pull a Jay 'cause we didn't have a lot of time.
by tacoslut May 29, 2011
A gay ass mothafuckaaaa
Person 1-Damn Jai is such a Jay.

Person 2-Ikr! I'm so glad I'm not a Jay.

Person 1-Same here.
by GeeyaPatel April 29, 2012