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It can be anyhting good or bad, any part of speech such as noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb.
that ass is so jay
his penis is so jay
my jay is really big
i wanna see his jays
i hate niggers, there so say
i jayed your girlfriend last night
by Sexy guido cock August 24, 2011
Generally someone who is alone. By them self.
Oh my god, not again! I'm on my Jay's!
by Bexa May 04, 2005
a case (24 beers) or sick flo in regards to sports (hockey).
That guy just crushed a whole Jay

That guys jay looks sweet coming out from under his helmet
by abeauty1 March 15, 2010
Faggoty mo ducks. He thinks he can run barefoot on that cross country course but He die in dem Nikes.
Yo that jay fails at math
by Jayheyhey April 20, 2011
Another word for Chuck Norris.
Definition of Bragging
Guy 1: "Wow I am SO good at karate"
Guy 2: "Oh, shut up Jay!"
by Blugs12 September 02, 2008
to be a typical aussie of legend status

can be in noun or verb form
(noun) Deej: man your so jay!

(veb) Muz: wow, i totally jayed it back there

by Jay Larder April 02, 2008
The area at the base of the shaft of the penis where the scrotal skin starts to hang down in folds. If this area is visible in a porno, then the actor is probably not wearing a fake penis.
I just wan to nuzzle your jay and like between your shaft and your balls.
by Teamocil June 29, 2010