A shorter term for "Blow Jay," which also refers to a blow job or oral sex.
Man, I'm never gonna ask for a Jay on the first date again!
by Schneids22 April 17, 2012
An asshole who believes he's funny but is actually an idiot.

The worst person you will ever meet. Jay will make you want to liquify your face just you don't have to look at him any more.
"Have you seen Jay? His entire being is so spiritually and physically ugly, I want to stab Jay!"
by hehdee August 10, 2014
A pie containing everything that a pie can possibly contain, such as steak strips, cheese, even dog liver.

Can also be used as an insult to someone who is seriously fat.
Vendor: Get your hot Jays here! Fresh hot Jays with chicken!

Stop being such a Jay, and let go of that 3 gallon tub of ice-cream!
by kumbaaayyy September 29, 2011
Generally someone who is alone. By them self.
Oh my god, not again! I'm on my Jay's!
by Bexa May 04, 2005
A vagina, pussy, box, female-fun-gear
Shortened from VaJay, or VaJayJay
Dude, I was munching on her jay for an hour yesterday

That chick at the party last night had the worst smelling jay I've ever encountered
by gdbInfinity March 08, 2012
It can be anyhting good or bad, any part of speech such as noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb.
that ass is so jay
his penis is so jay
my jay is really big
i wanna see his jays
i hate niggers, there so say
i jayed your girlfriend last night
by Sexy guido cock August 24, 2011
Another word for Chuck Norris.
Definition of Bragging
Guy 1: "Wow I am SO good at karate"
Guy 2: "Oh, shut up Jay!"
by Blugs12 September 02, 2008
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