A genius who is wealthy and cool, plays minecraft and owns businesses, and always gets A's at school all the time.
Person one :OMG, it's a Jay, I can tell it by his complexion

Person two: Ikr, he is sooo cool, his name is Jay too!
by Comanche1 March 21, 2013
Is Amazing Handsome Strong and Tall with a Sexy tan. His brown eyes are captivating and his smile is intoxicating with the Sexiest Deep voice your ears will ever hear. Is the Best man (if your Lucky enough) to have Love you. Making your heartbeat like no one ever has. Everyone wants to be his friend and every girl Dreams of being his girlfriend.

One look back at my Sexy Tan Australian Jay with his surfboard in hand always takes this American's girls breath away and leaves me speechless in love..
Jay you are my perfect wave and I love you heaps
by Confusedncute December 10, 2014
Hot usually short and small but full of love to give and share. Mean at times but you don't stop loving him.
I love Jay so much and I just can't stop!
by i♥jay623 November 01, 2009
A name of a boy or girl, often shortened from the original name.

Normally mistaken for purley a boy's name.

Also can mean "free" (derived from the term - "free as a jay bird")
Tim: "Hey Jay, how you doing?"


'He was happy now that he was a Jay, being with that girl sure tied him down'
by Jay21 May 03, 2006
Someone who is so good at COD that everyone is amazed at how he can have a life at the same time.
Did you see that jay walk past? He was friggen ripping up on COD last night
Yeah i can't believe he bangs like 5 chicks a night as well
by Jeff123456789101112 November 14, 2010
A super cute guy, who is tall and amazingly hot. He smokes weed when he feels like it and has the biggest heart ever. Usually into cats and sometimes has too much pride. A jay is funny and has an adorable smile. He is dedicated to what he does and has a clear planed future ahead of him.
Jay, pass the J.
by antidote June 17, 2013
A super hot guy loves his girl and looks after her, he treats her as if she is a princess is a very good companion and friend, can cheer you up and is protective of his friends and girlfriend. Popular and hot a lot of girls chase him but he still loves his girlfriend and isn't a player. Has a love for dogs and is very caring. Is super fit. Always there when you need him.
Jay is so fit
by Dictionary meanings.com June 08, 2015
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