an auto-pederast. An adolescent that has sex with himself.
Whoa! Look at that jaxxor! How can he stretch like that???
by heh October 16, 2003
Top Definition
1: n. a steaming pile of feces
2: v. to dispense feces in a regular manner, not on command but in a scheduled manner
1: Christ on a crutch, there's a jaxxor in stall 3!
2: 9;30! Gonna jaxxor right on time again!
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
To take a dump at precisely the same time everyday, no matter what the situation
Its that time to jaxxor again!
by jusme October 15, 2003
Any male who:

a.) Believes that donning a spring dress will impress the nearest alpha male.
b.) Believes that donning a spring dress will cause every female in proximity to magically open their floodgates of sexual desire.
c.) Believes that donning a spring dress is a good idea when inebriated.
d.) Poops incessantly and feels that it is their god-given duty and a Good Thing™ to tell co-workers, friends, and potential female companions alike about the movement's stench, intensity, and satisfying conclusion.
Any guy who would wear a dress because of another man truly is a jaxxor.
by Smith November 20, 2003
One whom has little tolerance for alcoholic beverages and flirts with ugly girls after one to two drinks.
So, after twenty minutes at the bar, he gets totally jaxxored, and goes home with some 43 year old broad named Diane.
by Eric Van Cleve October 16, 2003
noun: a devious, foulmouthed bastard who enjoys stealing IRC nicks.
dude, your nick totally got jaxxored!
by Mister Red October 15, 2003
1. A young man who is not actually named billy, but who co-workers assume is named billy.
Hello, billy, nice day isn't it?
by LadyMitris December 14, 2004
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