(noun) a thing that you can't think of at that particular time
that jawn is huge.
look at that jawn.
what's that jawn called?
let me get one of those jawns
by bowtie killa March 16, 2008
Can mean anything you want it to mean. Must be a Person, Place, or Thing.
I saw this jawn at tha mall. She was dark and sexy.

Where did u put tha jawn? (Replace jawn with any word u like).
by Gbanks!! March 03, 2011
literally the dumbest word in the world. can be used as any part of speech in just about any context. used primarily by Philly kids that think they're cool.
you get that jawn thing done, bro?
you see my jawn anywhere?
by hello0000000000 March 11, 2013
What Suzyn Waldman calls John Sterling on New York Yankees broadcasts.
Sterling: I thank you, Suzyn.

Waldman: You're welcome, Jawn.
by yogibearrra August 18, 2010
A very pretty girl . Who Has Everything You Want & See In A Girl ; Almost Likee a Dream Girl . Out Of Other Girls She Stand Out The Most Because Of A Certain Characteristics !
boy#1 ; Yoo That Girl Across The Street Is Pretty
boy#2 : Worddddd ! She A Jawn !
by ShakeItFast123 August 19, 2011
anybody thats not named JUAN BRITO
Juan Brito is not jawn
by jawnmasterj October 05, 2011
Originating in Philadelphia, PA. This word is an acronym for: Just Another Word Nigga.
"Jawn" is applicable any where because it is just another word nigga!
by the troof ruth December 12, 2007
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