a noun taking place of a person, place, or thing
Ay,i live in the jawn.

yo, can i git sum of dis jawn?

u jawn nigga, u jawn.
by Alex Bayer April 10, 2005
A young girl under 30, or anything else you want it to be.
(girl) Damn you see dat jawn she is off the chains. (anything else) shit where i leave dat jawn at?
by Stylado May 17, 2003
Proper noun, a name of an actual living person -- real birth name given in early 1970's. Jawn Gross from Pennsylvania, very cool musician and composer.
Jawn Gross wrote a new song -- sounds like Dove Award material to me.
by Jenna June 16, 2003
a word used to describe anything and everything--used by caucasians trying to be "ghetto" as well
noun- Awww my jawn broke off when i smacked that bitch with it!
verb- If you do that u're gonna get jawned!
adjective- You jawn-faced asshole!
other- OOOHHWEE! did u see that booty jawn?
by pat b February 28, 2004
1-another word for joint; a marijuana cigarette.
2-any type of thing.
Yo, check this jawn out!
by Fangsta April 28, 2003
Word used in the place of anything, made popular by inliners around LI and Philly
Yo thats some jawn chicken soup!
That was a jawn KG on that jawn rail!
#jawn #jawnerator #jawnage #jawnsauce #jawntastic
by xxxecksxxx October 10, 2006
1. Proper noun. Or nown. Nickname of John Hassall, the emotionless bassist of the Libertines. Also widely used with multiples of the letter "w."

2. Frontman of the band Yeti.
Jawwwwwwwwwn is actually showing emotion, wtfomg.
by Beanie February 18, 2005
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