The word jawn is a noun. It describes a person (females tho), place or thing. Jawn is Philly slang used to describe everything and anything but is alway understood
Yo look at that jawn right there, she bad as shit.

You goin to the jawn tonight?

Yo let me see that jawn.

I was talkin to this lil short jawn. She said she lost her phone so I let her use my jawn.
#noun #female #place #thing #philly slang
by J. Re February 02, 2009
Philly slang meaning just about anything, its an All purpose Pro-noun. Not to be confused with Drawin(another philly slang word which is pronounced similiar, most non-philly natives think they hearing the same word when they are both often used.)
There are many Categories of Jawn's when used to refer to a female See Side-Jawn=chick on the side, Old-Head Jawn=some older woman, Big Jawn=fat girl, Young-Jawn= a young girl
Spanish-Jawn= a spanish girl,Germantown-Jawn= a girl from gemantown....

Mike: Did you see the new Jordans's?
Chris: Yeah, those jawn's are hot!!

Bob: I'm going to the bar with the jawn I met last night
#person #place #thing #drawlin #girl
by Tunde25798 April 11, 2008
The inside-joke name of "John Watson" from the BBC show "Sherlock".
Frequently used in humorous fan-fiction and humorous fan-art.
"JAWN! Answer the door"

"Jawn....get me my phone"
#jawn #sherlock #martin freeman #john watson #bbc
by Kieerrx August 28, 2012
The universal noun. A person, place, or thing(s). jawn is most often used when the noun is already implied. Though sometimes over use makes conversation vague.
Jim: Yo man I got a new car.
Bob: Oh yeh?
Jim: yeh man you gotta check this jawn out.
Jason: Did you meet that girl last night?
Rob: Oh yeh, that jawn? We hooked up.
#person #place #thing #almost always implied #misspelling jon
by Chadd Lacy March 16, 2008
Philly slang for a person, place, or thing (Jawn).
I cant find that jawn anywhere.
Did you see that movie? That jawn was horrible.
Yeah, I got the same jawn from Macy's.
That new Jawn that moved in down the block is HOT!
Gimme that jawn!
#person #place #thing #noun #slang
by Pab(Philly native) February 13, 2012
Jawns can mean anything as long as it is used in context. A verb, noun, pronoun, adverb, preposition, or even an exclamation. Jawns emphasizes the significance of the lack of anything else to say. Jawns originates from the word 'jawn' used in Philly.
As a noun:
Bob: Holler
George: Lemme get that jawns
As a verb (and a noun)
History teacher: Hello kids
Kid: If we jawns that jawns can we jawn it?
As an adverb:
Ferdinand: It was done in an extremely jawn fashion.
As an exclamation:
#tripz #dubs #triples #double cools #oh quads #shitz
by LEEEEEEEOOOO May 14, 2006
Jawn n. Slang. Region: Greater Philadelphia. (jôn) 1. Any object, being or entity. Used particularly in reference to a physical object which is either difficult for the speaker to describe or in cases where the word used to describe the object in question is much longer than the one-syllable "jawn."
-- "You know, that *jawn* that that originated in 19th-century Britain in opposition to proposals for the disestablishment of the Church of England." antidisestablishmentarianism

-- "Boom, yo i got a crazy idea how to do clarks now. Check it out, boom, this how you freak em, boom. You go get you go get the cream *jawns* right? boom ... any color you want. But it'd be like, blue and cream, yaknowhati'msayin?"

-- "Pass me the *jawn.*"
#thing #deal #joint #jump-off #dealio
by Monzai June 16, 2011
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