The way niggers spell John.
Brasil: Hey John, you should stay in school and learn some more, cuz well, you need it.
John: NO...Im self-taught, jus liek ma hero, Frederick Douglass.
Guam: Yeah? I bet you can't even spell your name.
John: Yes I can. It's J-A-W-N. Jawn!
Brasil: LOL
Guam: LOL
ArmoHater: LOL
Dustywabbit: LOL
MassaKim: LOL
Thug: LOL
SupremeCommander: LOL
Friday13th: Let's not hate guys...
John: Wat?! Fawk yuuuuuuuu
by BrasilStyle March 09, 2010
A synonym for jeans. More commonly used by hipsters who own, or are referring to raw denim.
Hipster 1: Dude check out my new jawns!!!
Hipster 2: Come on, you don't have shit on my jawns, I got them from Self Edge!!
by Secksaddict January 31, 2011
Commenly used for anything that can not be discribed...or it can be described but the person is to lazy to say that word so jawn replaces the original word the should have been used. Jawn is like saying thing but jawn is ten times coooler to say.
HEY! go get the fuckin JAWN!

ummmmm, jawn...ya thats it

why not...its just a...a...jawn
by Drew-Pac November 27, 2005
(noun) Philly vernacular for a woman.
Jawn's aint no good/I would trust 'em if I could/but I can't so I won't/ because they're no damn good/they always trying to do a brother dirty if they could/I know they shouldn't but they would/cuz they're no damn good.
by Alitheluckydegenerate January 17, 2004
a gurl, female.
that jawn look iight
by Da Gurl Reppin Philly November 30, 2003
A person, place, or thing, used predominately in Philadelphia where it is thought to have originated. There are documented cases of it also being used in Washington DC,in as early as 1997 and in New York as "Joint" It is not exclusively a "Philly" word.
Gimme dat jawn. How much you want for that jawn?
by M'barru September 25, 2007
Philadelphia hip hop slang for "joint." Used interchangably by Philly-heads
That new Roots jawn, "The Seed v 2.0," is dope.

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