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The coolest motherfucker in the universe
I saw Javy last night and busted a nut out of sheer elation
by michael karas December 15, 2005
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A young boy around the ages of 13 and 14, who often likes many girls, but only truly loves one of them. A Javy is usually a sweet, kind boy, but often says things that are unecessary.
Javy: I hope you die
Banana: Why would you say that you idiot!?!?
Javy: Cookie
Banana: Did you just call me cookie?
Javy: No, I want a damn cookie retard!
Banana: Aww! How sweet
Javy: sugar
Javy: muffin
Banana: mhm...sure
Javy: rawr
by Hannah Smythe January 02, 2007
Javy is usually the most legit one in a group although he is legit he is not a deuchebag. Usually Javys always get the girls. A Javy is also usually Spanish or Mexican.
Random girl: Hey, is javy into me.

Random Friend: Hell yeah u should ask him out.
by Da Man Above November 19, 2010
Pour me some of that sweet Javy!
by MF Cakeparty November 27, 2011
another word. For ultra gay or fagget. Or bitch. Example. Allen stop being a navy
Your javyn it allen .stop being such a navy
by Gay fagget. Bitch April 29, 2008
a guy with an imagine who sux at pb
dude javy sux
by victor havoc October 11, 2003

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