a US marine, i liked the movie lol, Jake G is so fookin hot as a marine :)
i must remember not to call my freind a jarhead, as he may TRY to kill me
by Lou277 March 05, 2009
A U.S. marine or in the north east of the UK it is known as a chav because of there high and tight haircutts and limitted sense
Chav:How ya daftty ill knack ya!
Pedestrian:What a scruffy jarhead
by Gregza August 01, 2007
Nickname for a US Marine Corps soldier. Derived from the standard haircut which made the soldiers head look like a jar, hence the nickname "jarhead".
Movie - Jarhead(2005)
Book - Jarhead(2003)
by Ajax19 March 04, 2006
A complete waste of $10.

Don't see this movie.
"wow, what just happened?"
"i think we got ripped off by jarhead. but i don't know, i've been in a trance like state for the past few hours"
by Matthew Marcucci June 19, 2006
Slang term for a US Marine comes from the resemblence of Marine Corps dress blue uniform to a mason jar, hence JAR HEAD. Sometimes considered derogatory, but commonly used amongst Marines.
Someone has to get killed let's send a jarhead or two
by sadoldshadow December 28, 2003
when you film yourself fucking someones girl/wife/mother/daughter/sister/aunt and send it to the persons relative
Jarhead when he gets the tape of his wife
by Glen Guagmire May 24, 2007
I Movie with Jamie Foxx about a Marines time spent in Iraq during Operation: Desert Sheild/ Desert Storm
Lets go see Jarhead at 9.
by IamYoMAMA November 16, 2005
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