I Movie with Jamie Foxx about a Marines time spent in Iraq during Operation: Desert Sheild/ Desert Storm
Lets go see Jarhead at 9.
#marine #jarheads #usmc #jaime foxx #united states marine corps
by IamYoMAMA November 16, 2005
(jar-HEAD)-a term given to the United States Marine Corps soldiers during Desert Storm; deriving from the short hiarcut making their head resemble a jar; also an insult refering to the marines head: and empty vessel
1) Whats with the hair cut? You look like a jarhead

2)Marine 1: Why do they call us jarheads?

Marine 2:Cause we aint got nothing in our head
#sand nigger #camel jockey #arab #saudi #towel head
by ftcam April 17, 2006
A word used in military to make fun of marines.
Stupid Mother F'in Damn jarhead
by Neil March 12, 2005
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