Meaning Laugh or Joke. Any suffix can be added to the end of this word.
"He slipped over- and i was jaring"
(this is a example where it means laughing)
"All that work in 20 minutes? You must be jaring!"
by .The.Evil.Muffin. May 03, 2005
Top Definition
A "jar" of 100 Ecstacy pills
My man just got a jar in last week. He's gotta get rid of all that X quick.
by Joe August 28, 2004
Used mainly in the London area, meaning annoying
"That girl is such a jar"
#jarry #jarring #jarred #annoying #annoy
by Strawberry Jam January 01, 2006
Pint of the good stuff
"Let's go down the pub and get a few jars in."
by Ninja Steve April 29, 2004
Another name for pints of Lager or Beer
- You fancy a couple of Jars the night?
- You rate the Jars!
#jars #beers #mza #night #drinking
by jameshunttheshunt January 28, 2009
JAR- Jizz And Run. When you are hooking up with someone and the other person cums (jizzes) and immediately runs away from you afterwards. Often times pre-ejaculation.
Dude I was JARED on senior week.
#cum #hookup #run #pussy #embarrassing
by Babysharkfang August 02, 2011
ACRONYM: Just Aint Right.

This word is used to describe children who "Just Aint Right"

Synonyms: POPP, stupid, dumb, naughty, never going to fit in types, not mainstream, messed up, etc, etc, and so forth.

they have little or no potential to be normal until they get the right treatment/therapy.
Maria: Johnny has ADD.
Hose: No he doesnt, Johnny is a JAR!

Alex: This boy needs to go to the institution
John: Yeah, there is nothing we can do about it. He is a JAR.
#popp #dumb #sad #stupid #misbehaved #add #adhd #loser
by g-diggity June 10, 2006
Acronym for just about right. A person, place, thing, or idea that seems just about right.
Another NBA player got accused of sexual assualt, thats JAR.
by Ryan Flynn June 13, 2004
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