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A serious affliction that may initially resemble Severe Accute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) due to the copious amounts of phlegm, coughing, and unsightly/ungroomed appearance. This condition, which applies to specific individuals (aka "Jacks"), is not known to be airborne-contagious, but there is insufficient evidence to determine if it can be contracted through bodily fluids or prolonged exposure in unventilated areas. There is no known cure.
Person A: "What is wrong with Jack, I hope that isn't SARS?"

Person B: "No, it's not SARS. It is JARS"

Person A: "Oh, that's good."

Person B: "No. Actually, it is terrible."
by Dr. Andrews October 25, 2006
12 6
Acronym for just about right. A person, place, thing, or idea that seems just about right.
Another NBA player got accused of sexual assualt, thats JAR.
by Ryan Flynn June 13, 2004
6 1
To be annoying, or an idiot
"don't be a jar" or "Don't be annoying"
by Victoria White May 14, 2006
16 14
Dublin term for a pint of Beer!
Anto, are ye goin' for a few Jars?
by Desigol November 23, 2005
19 17
an annoying person who jars your head in like a door nob being rammed into your head repetedly...again.....and again...and again.
ealah:why, i have freedom of speech, and the right to say whateva i want wen i want!!!
me:u r such a jar, bugger off.
by sana the slug July 09, 2005
33 31
A word used to express frustration and annoyance. Usually used by weirdly insane people, i.e: Nikolai :D
A: That math paper was so hard

by mini :D June 29, 2011
2 1
A group named, "Japanese Animation Research Society" It is full of mostly anime freaks who will cut your head off if you say you hate anime.
<JARS Person> I love anime, man!
<Anime hater> Whatever, it sucks...
<JARS Person> What!? *pounce*
by ladyshera October 09, 2008
6 5