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it means something funny- lol, timmins and area language
jar me out, means make me, or that made me, laugh
he/she's/you're a jar --- means he/she's/your funny
thats a jar---- means, thats funny
by Booly April 25, 2007
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What shouldn't be shoved into your rectum.
Have you seen 1 man 1 jar the jar breaks in his ass!
by Prostate Exam June 26, 2014
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Dublin term for a pint of Whiskey.

As in the song "Whiskey in the jar" by the Dubliners.
Thin Lizzy covered it later, and so did Metallica.
He: "Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da, ha, ya
Whack for my daddy-o
Whack for my daddy-o
There's whiskey in the jar"
Me: "Stop singin'."
He: "Ok, But let's go for a few jars."
Me: "fo sho"
by LittleJoe92 May 04, 2007
8 8
A container to hold items such as: Rice, beans, and sometimes cocaine.
Get the coke out of the jar mang.
by DeathNightmares October 09, 2003
12 12
Jewish American Redneck (contrast with jap or Jewish American Princess) A JAR never misses shabbat services unless there is a pool tournament in town or a special on watery domestic beer. JARs are Jewish by birth, but Southern by the grace of JHWH. You always want him/her on your side in an argument over the price of ammo.
Male Example:
In the film "The Big Lebowski" by Joel & Ethan Coen, John Goodman plays a JAR named Walter.

Female Example:
"Did you see that JAR in the Daisy Dukes? She just downed a fifth of MD 20/20 and now she's dancing the hora in a lawnchair!"
by Practical Memetics November 21, 2009
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another word for yes
"hey are you there? JAR!! im right here.."
by Roldan Salmeron November 02, 2008
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Meaning Laugh or Joke. Any suffix can be added to the end of this word.
"He slipped over- and i was jaring"
(this is a example where it means laughing)
"All that work in 20 minutes? You must be jaring!"
by .The.Evil.Muffin. May 03, 2005
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