To be annoying, or an idiot
"don't be a jar" or "Don't be annoying"
by Victoria White May 14, 2006
What shouldn't be shoved into your rectum.
Have you seen 1 man 1 jar the jar breaks in his ass!
by Prostate Exam June 26, 2014
Dublin term for a pint of Whiskey.

As in the song "Whiskey in the jar" by the Dubliners.
Thin Lizzy covered it later, and so did Metallica.
He: "Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da, ha, ya
Whack for my daddy-o
Whack for my daddy-o
There's whiskey in the jar"
Me: "Stop singin'."
He: "Ok, But let's go for a few jars."
Me: "fo sho"
by LittleJoe92 May 04, 2007
A container to hold items such as: Rice, beans, and sometimes cocaine.
Get the coke out of the jar mang.
by DeathNightmares October 09, 2003
Jewish American Redneck (contrast with jap or Jewish American Princess) A JAR never misses shabbat services unless there is a pool tournament in town or a special on watery domestic beer. JARs are Jewish by birth, but Southern by the grace of JHWH. You always want him/her on your side in an argument over the price of ammo.
Male Example:
In the film "The Big Lebowski" by Joel & Ethan Coen, John Goodman plays a JAR named Walter.

Female Example:
"Did you see that JAR in the Daisy Dukes? She just downed a fifth of MD 20/20 and now she's dancing the hora in a lawnchair!"
by Practical Memetics November 21, 2009
another word for yes
"hey are you there? JAR!! im right here.."
by Roldan Salmeron November 02, 2008
Meaning Laugh or Joke. Any suffix can be added to the end of this word.
"He slipped over- and i was jaring"
(this is a example where it means laughing)
"All that work in 20 minutes? You must be jaring!"
by .The.Evil.Muffin. May 03, 2005
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