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A fucking small ass town which is filled with drug addicts and porn. If you life in this town you are a fag.
Man I hate living in Timmins
by NOLIFENERd June 03, 2014
City in Northern Ontario, Canada
City of Timmins
Lots of mines, lots of trees.
Many lakes, rivers.
Population is about 43,500
Quite a unique place.
by njam101 October 31, 2004
Located in Northern Ontario
Home to the mocassin lady
Residents eat blubber & live in igloos
Men are ranked a 16
Dog sleds are the only form of transportation
Potential Hockeyville winners
"Let's sled to the local Timmins bar to buy some shoes from the Mocassin Lady"
by katez73489273 March 16, 2010
A city in Ontario, Canada
The largest city in Ontario, Canada land-wise. Very nice scenery.
Known to have the hottest girls around
Hometown of Shania Twain.
Main place to hang out is Tim Hortons
Let's go to Tim Hortons, there's nothing else to do in Timmins.

Man there are some hot girls in Timmins.
by lalalalala:) November 09, 2008
A word to describe someone who is drooling.
(someone is drooling while they sleep) You would go up to them and say "Timmayyyy"
(someone is drooling) Go up to them and say "hey, ur timmin"
by Stephianie October 16, 2005
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