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n. Japanese pornographic animation.

Also known as anime or japornimation, this type of animated cartoon is populated with characters typically having large eyes, cute figures, bright costumes, and shrill voices. Plot is superficial and of little interest to the audience, who are really watching to catch a glimpse of underage schoolgirls engaged in sexually suggestive activity (see Sailor Moon).

The defining intererest, and preferred masturbatory fodder, for the wapanese, although they are usually too ashamed to admit it publicly.
Every afternoon, Geoff-san would hole up in his dorm room, close the curtains, get out his laser disc player, and proceed to vigorously wank off to "LA Blue Girl" japornime.
by Carl Willis May 12, 2004
A combination word for Japanese anime porn. Commonly known as "Hentai", it is more casually referred to as anime porn, or Japornime.

Like most porn, and most anime for that matter, there tends to be little or no coherent plot. Unlike regular anime, however, whose popularity is entirely confusing due to this lack of intrinsic value, Japornime rewards your sitting through insane plots by using it as an excuse for bizzare and often physically impossible feats of sexual depravity, such as tentacle rape.

Japornime can be used simply for the sheer enjoyment of it, or, in the broader category of shock media, Japornime is often inflicted upon unwitting viewers with the intent to shock and disgust. La Blue Girl is an excellent example of this type of Japornime, whereas many other Japornime films shock mostly by being pedophillic or incestuous.
I don't think I'll ever be the same again after you showed me that clit-penis scene. God damn Japornime.
by funkywizard November 01, 2010
Pornographic Japanese anime
When Chris isn't spending weekends dressing up as his favourite anime character at conventions, he stays home and wanks it to Japornime.

by Jachobim June 25, 2007

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