The coolest sounding language in the world.
Tanaka: Sore wa Henna gaijin.

Yamamoto: Hai. Ano Gaikokujin wa totemo baka desu. Ano hito wa Amerikajin desu.

Tanka: Ah...Soudesuka.

Bob: What did you say?

Tanaka: Nanni mo nai.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 19, 2005
getting bored with the ww2 veteran on a long haul flight? then just mention japanese, the bastards mouth will close up quicker than a nuns legs, usually followed by tears.
the japanese were called evil because of ww2, thousands of british service men who served their country sitting easy in japanese work camps cheered when the bomb dropped on hiroshima killing 200 thousand men women and children.
by da origanal playa June 04, 2006
the best country in the world. don't pretend you don't know it! boo yeah!
japan kicks ass and everywhere else sucks ass.
by anonymous March 11, 2005
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