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Term for teammates who are being carried by a main member of the team when in competition. Most used by opposing team in beer pong for heckling players when they aren't pulling their weight.
"Anthony, stop being a fucking jansport and make a fucking cup, Brian is pretty much carrying you"
by bTreezy October 18, 2006
A term used in first person shooter games to describe a player that 'camps' around one spot, whether it be for weapons or a advantageous position.
That fool is a freaken' jansport, always in the same corner!
by Paul Chua November 06, 2006
An unreliable place to work.
This jansport place sucks yo.
by Gean Deau June 28, 2011
A Homosapien (male) who is known to ruin a date/Friends Play to feel game at the bars or clubs by being all over them, literally.
Aren was all over Regina the other night at Motif like a backpack, Hence he will be named Jansport.
by Anonymous maximus January 25, 2008
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