He who models Burberry.
Burberry Ltd would go into liquidation, were Plymouth to be bombed.
by Mark May 07, 2004
A janner is anyone who comes from Plymouth. However not all of them put an "S" on the end of everything. I come from plymouth and do you see and added "S"'s on the end of these words? No.
Hello my friends how are thee today
by Fay August 14, 2004
As an english person who lives in Cornwall (otherwise known as an Emmet) I am of the understanding that a Janner is anyone who is born and bred in Devon and speaks with the local accent/dialect... but then what would I know as I'm from "up-country,iernaaet!!!"
Between the Emmets and Grockles, the Janners nearly seem normal!
by Loubeeloo September 05, 2007
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