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Stop saying crap about this band, they make me happy when I am sad and they made me laugh when I cry. If a band has the power to do that they have achieved everything they need to in my opinion. I hope these guys make loads more albums cus even just reading the thnkyous in the lyrics booklet cracks me up, then I actually LISTEN to the lyrics. Good fun and hilarious. These guys are absolutely genious.
Ooooooh I feel so sad ... My boyfriend has just dumped me and my eyes are sore from crying so much ...
*Puts Bowling for Soup on*
Oooooh yay I've been instantly cheered up!! Thankyou Bowling for Soup you are absolute fucking LEDGENDS!
by Fay December 30, 2004
crazy and wierd funny and stupid
the girl was very spazzie
by Fay February 12, 2005
amazed and curious about the certain object
The girl was bibbyfied about the diamond ring her boyfriend had gave her
by Fay February 12, 2005
A gay surname!
Hi adshead, you are gay!
by Fay January 20, 2004
One who has a strong passion for alcohol. Often associated with the union of gurby. Beautiful yet lacks basic common sense, made up by excellent dancing skills. Do not disturb such a person in early hours of the morning, can be dangerous.
yo gurneesh... heres your double vodka redbull.
by fay February 26, 2005
A really good band. They may be considered "emo" but that doesn't mean they encourage people to self harm while listening to their songs. I believe they have a lyric that says "But I am cleaning up so well..."
SO maybe before you slag them off any more you should do your research.
A man who sings about his feelings is sexier than one who isn't intelligent enough to write them down and therefor disses guys who can.
Those who can't, critisize. It's called Jealousy.
by Fay February 23, 2005
a band who have to scream and make themselves look dead to attract more fans. they could be musically talented but they have managed to completely abolish all traces of this with their reputation
slipknot scare me

oh look heres a slipknot song they rock because they are HARDCORE because everyone says so!
by Fay December 30, 2004

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