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Yes indeedy, a hloiday maker in the southwest is known as an emmet. i believe this term is derived from the cornish for 'ant' as this is what they resemble when they swarm into town consuming everything in sight, generally getting in the way of those who wish to lead their normal everyday lives, and leaving again en-mass with the only sign of them being a trail of mess & destruction.
"You would think that Safeway would get it into their heads that this town is full of Emmets in the summer, and thus order in more bread!"
by Loubeeloo September 05, 2007
As an english person who lives in Cornwall (otherwise known as an Emmet) I am of the understanding that a Janner is anyone who is born and bred in Devon and speaks with the local accent/dialect... but then what would I know as I'm from "up-country,iernaaet!!!"
Between the Emmets and Grockles, the Janners nearly seem normal!
by Loubeeloo September 05, 2007

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