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a level of drunkenness way above shit faced where the only prerequisite is chugging a bottle of wine. Complete with vomiting all night, singing songs while vomiting, and crying over the death of an evil dictator.
Dude, the party last night was sick! Although you probably don't remember it because you were so janki drunk!
by partyhard2013 December 06, 2009
49 26
A name for a girl from India.
Person 1: Who is that? What's her name?
Person 2: Her name's Janki.
by Janki January 29, 2008
48 34
a person that gets sucked into the art of procrastinating, and doing nothing all day
After hanging out with dhara way too much, janki stopped doing work too.
by dhara April 27, 2008
41 31
to affect with wonder, astonish; outstanding; superior; distinguished
That girl f'in rocks, shes so janki.
This new guy I'm seeing is totally janki in bed.
by j-star January 18, 2005
38 28
(derived from the Albino language of San Jose): a girl that spaces out incessantly, suffers from ADHD/ADD, can't handle more than five emails a day, LOUD, but all in ALL, likeable :)
janki from san jose--the hood.
by the atlantan March 22, 2005
31 24
A female druggie who sells drugs for a living. She is very rough and isn't scared of getting into fights. Usually wears sports clothes.
"yo u wanna go get some weed of Janki?"
"sure man but don't get into a fight shes well hard"
by ahahahahahahhahhaha October 07, 2009
19 15
stunner, girls lover, gigolo
He is Jankis (he is so sweet and stunner)
by Jankis June 29, 2003
9 9