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Handgun, gun, pistol.
Yo, don't point that jammie at me.
by Bigup May 22, 2005
A cool as Muthafucka, one that is above the rest
When you see someone walking down the hallway really smoove.

You say " Look at that cool Jammie."
by P.Diddy June 02, 2006
A gun. Jam with harm.
Them boys whooped out they jammies and poped caps in all they asses.
by J X 2 June 03, 2005
1.used to describe something you don't know the proper name or word for.
2.used to replace the proper name or word for something.
3.verbal shorthand for any object.
1. You know, that jammie that is attached to the ...
2. Can you grab me that jammie over there?
3. Check out this little jammie I picked up.
by Gran Hota October 25, 2007
Your crib, place where you hang
Let's go back to my jammie & get it in...
by stillnumbereffinone March 01, 2006