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Of or possessing an unusually large prowess with women. Typically associated with a larger than average penis size and sexual libido.
Damn, that guy is so jamin with the ladies!
by Xavier-X November 01, 2006
Probably the greatest person you will ever meet. Generally good looking and good with the ladies. Brown hair, Blue/Green eyes, Average height, and Tan are common traits.
1) Jamin is the coolest/greatest/hottest/most all around perfect guy i have ever met in my entire life.

2) Jamin is so awesome that i am nothing compared to him.
by GoFallInADitchAndDie July 25, 2009
A boy that is cuter than a kitten and a baby red panda playing while they're both wearing little bow-ties and top hats.
"He's definitely a Jamin, look at his smile!"
by MethFayce July 24, 2012
one who knows what he is doin,and is damn good at it. especially when it comes to the radio controlled hobby, or any type of competition.
that jamin kid was jammin' at the race today.
by jamin adams November 11, 2007
To urinate on someone or something, in or out of a tent
I was bitchslapped after i jaminned {past tense} on Katie
by James Vanderbal June 03, 2006
To make a situation worse than it already is. Especially when that situation is a conversation about how women "have their place".
Strusz to Katie: "I could totally say something right now but I don't want to Jamin the situation."

Brian was in a Jamin situation when Courtney started yelling at him for his sexist remark.
by wxcoder85 February 03, 2010
you just say jamin instead of the besterest
that guy over there is so Jamin
by KYRA MUFFY EPIC August 22, 2008
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