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a well cool person that loves to look at miss stantons arse (tech teacher) and sing in tech as we all no from last lesson when he sung an amazing version of 'i dont wanna no'.
ur not uncool in the slightest
by guess? May 26, 2004
2 2
some1 who fancies ms paul and malcolm in the middles mum
james p, the best
by rafi May 20, 2004
8 2
And imogen and mati
(He fancies them)
by n/a May 20, 2004
8 4
he thinks hairy boy chillum has a cute smile.
she is a hairy boy
by rafi May 21, 2004
7 4
someone who eats samosas and calls them jamaican patties.
(theyr indian not jamaican, james)
by ... May 28, 2004
2 2
all in all a real safe guy!
sorry ive been takin the piss for so long mate.

(but he does always feel his boobies and fancy uggers girls)
by rafi May 27, 2004
1 3
strawberrys and cream! ;)
fone sex fone sex fone sex fone sex fone sex ;)
by Kris July 21, 2004
6 15