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this word was commonly use by malaysian's chinese, meaning is in big trouble

it's real meaning is 'die'
''walau!! this time sure mati one!''
''mati liao lah! what happened??''
''mati mati mati mati mati......mati mati mati mati....mati...mati..(non-stop, with the head shaking)''
by ahpok August 14, 2004
Malay for "dead" (in the sense of "Oh shit", not pertaining to death). Commonly used in Southeast Asia.
I mati already! You got me into so much trouble!
by schnotty January 03, 2004
Word for a sexy Polish boy. Even sexy when hes showin off doin football tricks. Likes to wear leather jackets and surfer shorts but still manages to look sexy in thm anyway.
Mati: Hey pass the ball.
Girl : *stumbles for words coz hes soo fit* Eh you pass it to him.. *passes to friend*
by Woof Dog April 13, 2009
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