Top Definition
anything that is beyond amazing, or just fucking sweet
that shit was jamazing.
by craftola May 07, 2006
anything that is both Jamaican and amazing.

(note: it does not necessarily have to be Jamaican, but if it isn't, it must be double amazing.)
Dude, that jump was Jamazing!


These cookies are Jamazing!
by LeroytheAmish December 04, 2009
As amazing as a Jamaican or Jamaican thing. (this term is not to be used lightly)
That beach party was JAMAZING BABY!!!!
by banana joebob October 04, 2011
Just amazing = jamazing.
"how is she in bed?"
by Kamamama July 29, 2006
that much better than amazing also jamazin'
Dude, Katie's eyes are so jamazing, I may have to go out with her
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
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