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anything that is beyond amazing, or just fucking sweet
that shit was jamazing.
by craftola May 07, 2006
23 16
anything that is both Jamaican and amazing.

(note: it does not necessarily have to be Jamaican, but if it isn't, it must be double amazing.)
Dude, that jump was Jamazing!


These cookies are Jamazing!
by LeroytheAmish December 04, 2009
7 1
As amazing as a Jamaican or Jamaican thing. (this term is not to be used lightly)
That beach party was JAMAZING BABY!!!!
by banana joebob October 04, 2011
2 0
Just amazing = jamazing.
"how is she in bed?"
by Kamamama July 29, 2006
9 11
that much better than amazing also jamazin'
Dude, Katie's eyes are so jamazing, I may have to go out with her
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
0 7