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an positive adjective to describe an event, thing or person.
"i had such a good time last night, your party was noddin!"
by blingoRX3 September 04, 2009
1. When you've had a long day and your just beat and so tired. Usually someone wants to chat at this point but your so damn tired so it's hard to even think.

2. To be under the Influence of opioids and/or benzos to the point of being halfway to completely fucked up. Characteristics include not caring about anything, weird vision, ect.
1. Last night this girl txted me and starting flirting with me but I worked for 10 hours at the hospital and my caffeine was wearing off so I started noddin' and fell asleep.

2. I ate half a Xanax bar and then took a 30mg roxi at the same time and washed it down with some grapefruit juice. Holyshit I was noddin' harder than lil wayne.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 December 15, 2010
Startin to fall asleep and can't keep your eyes open anymore.
I was watchin TV and started noddin.
by MIKE LO3 February 04, 2009
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