Can be used in both singular and plural forms in order to describe the police
"Words of wisdom from Nas - Try to rise up above; Keep an eye out for Jake, shorty - one love."
- Nas, 'One Love'

"Call it a New York state of mind - gotta take mine. In the daytime the Jakes'll hit ya forty-one times."
- Wu-Tang Clan, 'Let My Niggas Live'
by thedvs01 January 22, 2005
Police, cops, 5.0, fuzz. Often used by MC's.
A fugitive with two attempts
Jakes had no trace of the face, now they drew a print- Nas
by Laysaton January 10, 2005
The Sexiest guy ever. Quarter back of the football team. A hottie with a body and a cutee with a booty. He is nice. if you dont love jake you dont love anyone.
oh wow!!! he's definintally a jake.
by Baybay who loves her jakee poo October 28, 2008
person who is amazing, andd my bffff.
"jake" is my best friend.
by Taeeeeeeee December 20, 2008
1.A street slang for pigs , feds,or any other kind of ilumminati driven snakes.
:Derived from the bull shit T.V show about Dumb pigs entitled: "JAKE and The Fat Man"

*Example:taken from "Track 20" on Killarmy's (2003)album"Fear,Love,& War"
Here comes the JAKES red alert; They got trampled on; A COP lost one arm; Kilarmy still live on stage during Red Dawn; Hey yo where's the obsticle, anythings possible; Allah sees everything kid, check the optical.
by Gggg G-Unit December 03, 2003
The life of every party, the kind of guy ladies love and guys envy
Bob: Wow, look at that dude, he's a total jake.
Lisa: No kidding, I wonder if he's single...
by jjmcphee007 April 16, 2009
the...um, dreamiest, sweetest, most ignorant guy. Even through ignorance, he's the best friend ANYONE could have. He's got the biggest heart, and softest soul. A poet and a perfect athlete. The b-e-s-t lover.
OMG Jakerrrz, awesome man! xD
by Teddilynnn October 05, 2008

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