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the...um, dreamiest, sweetest, most ignorant guy. Even through ignorance, he's the best friend ANYONE could have. He's got the biggest heart, and softest soul. A poet and a perfect athlete. The b-e-s-t lover.
OMG Jakerrrz, awesome man! xD
by Teddilynnn October 05, 2008
To brandish a liquor bottle as a weapon and to smash said bottle against the back of someone's head in a violent act.
I cannot beleive he jake'd that guy!
I know, I heard he is in a coma.
by Carlos De Santa Anna May 21, 2005
this word is a Cleveland slang from back in the 80's meaning corny , wack , lame ,or weak
"man those rhymes were jake" "he got spinner hubcaps on his car the that shit looks jake"
by mr. dre August 21, 2006
To call the cops on a party that you were kicked out of...
"dude these guys are assholes, let's Jake"
by Joe Smith Jimmy January 14, 2010
yo nigga u smell that bacon, yea nigga fuck them jakes
by NuMbA1StUnTa December 06, 2008
Jake is a very fun and outgoing guy. He has a smile that will brighten anyone's day and eye's that alway's have the girl's looking twice. He is a kind, sweet, trustworthy, cute, caring, smart, loving person that will alway's be there for you. But dont take his kindness and sweetness as a weakness, if you ever dare too touch his girl or anyone in his family, he would be the first guy too beat a fool up.
Jake has alot of female friends, but his girl alway's come before them. If you ever get the chance too be with a Jake, take it and never let him go. Cause if you do youll regret it for the rest of your life.
*Did You See That Guy??....*

*Yeah That Must Be A Jake... Just Look At His Smile.. But Dont Try Anything, Cause He Has A Girl And He Wont Ever Do Anything To Hurt Her....*

*Did You See His Eye's??*
*Yeah I Did.. They Were Green And Sexi*
*Yeah I Thought Soo.. Had Too Look Back Twice Tooo Make Sure.*
by IrelandsBabyGirl November 06, 2012
the police
those mutha fukin jakes tried to hastle me up!
by mr. jackoff May 12, 2009