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One of the cutest guys in school.....but once to know him he is a complete dick.
Jake, a guy at your school.
by Jaynie, Krtisten October 05, 2012
3 16
Jake is the hottest and cutest guy around. He has sexy blond hair, and gorg blue eyes. Not only is he hot, he is also the NICEST person in the WHOLE WORLD, who is VERY considerate and cares about others. He is the PERFECT guy!
A: OMG I just met the NICEST AND HOTTEST GUY IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Guess who it was??
K: JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!
A: You betcha!
by Monkeyzebra57 November 07, 2013
4 1
An absolutly perfect guy. He is funny, adorable, smart, and caring. His smile is contagious. He can make anybody laugh. He has beautiful eyes that captivate everyone. He is amazing!
Jake is my soul mate; we are going to go to college together and get married and have children togther. We will have the perfect life together.
by TheQueen March 09, 2012
11 8
Jake's are the best boyfriends you could ever have. Usually have dirty blond hair with brown eyes, one may be a different shade from the other but that makes him more interesting. Jake's are very crazy (in the good way) and never have a dull moment. Very fun to hang out with and know how to keep a party going. Jake's are always different from everyone and that's what makes them so special. They are best gamers ( not to mentions the sweetest ) and know how to make a girl laugh. He is very caring, compassionate, trustworthy, and adorable. They aren't afraid to be romantic or sexual to you. Jake's are also very good kissers and make every moment with them romantic and sweet. Very athletic and have fantastic collar bones <3 Absolutely perfect in many's eyes.

Jake's are the best guy you'll ever meet.
He's such a Jake, I love him.

Jake is the best boyfriend in the world.
by Wclf.gaming May 27, 2014
1 0
I be wanting some Jake up in this crib girllll! (; sexy, sweet, & dangerous... everything a girl could want. He likes it rough so give it to him like that to please him ladies.. Men, beware.. Jakes will still yo lady! Badass and gorgeous... Have a nice ass too.
" woah Jake.. "
by TommyTomKimmyKom November 20, 2013
3 2
Sexy beast, huge cock, his diet be all pussy and ass, he be fuckin every night do he be three stupid bruh
that man pulled a jake cause he just had sex with some fine ass broad
by Johnny12345678 October 09, 2013
3 2
Jake is the intelligent type. Really sweet and caring. The best boyfriend you'd ever have, and also the greatest friend. He's always there for you, and cares for you like a brother, a father, a best friend and also a lover. The type who plays basketball and guitar. If you ever date a Jake, you'd never feel alone. You'll always feel loved and special. He'd make sure you sleep happy every night, and wake up with a smile everyday. When Jake loves a girl, he'd do anything to make her happy, and he'd never give up on her no matter what happens. He's also the type who gets mad easily because he's a softie, but everything will go well anyways. He also has the most adorable smile, and his hair is amazing. Also a good kisser.
"Wow he's such a great guy! who is he?" "He's my bro, my best, my half, my everything!" "He must be a Jake"
by jfcilyjry October 07, 2013
4 3
Usually a Bandwagoner Sports fan. Jumps teams everyday. And claims to be a Life-Long Clipper Fan. Most people named Jake don't watch games but look at stats which makes it hard to talk sports with them.
All of the Heat Fans are Jake's.
by Clipper Darrel June 03, 2013
3 2