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A special type of salad intended for people learning how to type. It often goes along with some asdf and/or jkl;.
Chris took a break from his typing lesson to get a bowl of jak salad.
by Eszett March 02, 2004
jak salad is a combination of jelly beans and (chocolate) kisses. This recipe was created by (me!) when a sentence in the 6th grade keyboarding book mentioned jak salad and students inevitably asked what it was . . . so I created
J = jelly beans
A = and
K = Kisses

Salad! Incoming 6th graders always look forward to it!
He enjoyed eating jak salad because he had such a sweet tooth.
by S. A. Benham April 18, 2005
When a pimp and his bitch are together at the dinner table and the the pimp puts his meat stick in her salad hand makes his own "ranch dressing". Thus after this is performed she then eats it.
All of my bitches be getting a Jak Salad tonight.
by Frankly Dontgivadamn September 19, 2011
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