The spanish version of "haha". Since in spanish, the J is silent.
Juan: zomg, wtf?
Hector: jajajaja!
by PaNchoVi11a April 09, 2007
jaja can be used for another (retarded) way to spell haha, much like aha, but on messenger it usualy is a word to express lack of better words or intrest, much like jahaonly with a more whatever tone to it
1:man i just came between that bitch her tits and she was all over the place, dude u gotta hear this

by [_m4] July 10, 2006
Other way of writing haha
Flamer2000:Man i'm sooo wasted
BroccoliClock: jaja
by BroccoliClock August 20, 2003
Phil: Hey dude! My girlfriend just dosed me with some jaja. I'm so horny ever since!
by wabas101 July 10, 2008
A word used to express laughter over the internet. It also means eggs in croatian. The word can be expressed as, "jaja", "jofl", "jmfao", or "jolz". But only super amazing people who bring the awesome are allowed to use it.
Hayden: I sure wish I had some eggs right now.
Jason: You mean jaja?
Hayden: Wtf?
Jason: Jmfao!
by HAYDENNNN. July 10, 2008
A laugh popularized in the Warcraft III ROC Dota community by the former chief of clan BvA.
Jaja, he got owned pretty badly.
by twlZm April 11, 2006
jaja is a rarely used word; it is only used by a select few. basically it is jamaican expletive slang for shit
holy jaja!!

i hafta go jaja really bad!
by Brian April 16, 2004
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