The most cutest couple ever. They fuck often and care for eachother. JaJa do not act like they like eachother in public but do truly love eachother <3
JaJa are in puopy love , doggy style to
by Jojo jayjay January 19, 2014
A Typo for "Ha ha" or spanish for "ha ha"
"Omg, u r soo funny, ja ja"

by Awesomeness. March 06, 2005
Means "HAHA" in Spanish. Used in capital letters and often spammed by enthusiastic Spanish players. Popular term used in Metal Gear Online.
by Samsterw July 08, 2009
The German form of affirmative.
Lieutenant Stormtrooper: Hero's in the base. Destroy him.
Stormtrooper: Ja ja. (Snaps his boots)
by tonehog December 08, 2005
Spanish for haha. Mostly used by gamers
ex-assasin: jaja ipwn u in mw2
assasin: stfu no good pos
by iPwnjaja January 02, 2011
In Norwegian, the word means "yes", but in a "care way".
Person B dont care about all the girls person A fuck.

A. "Ey dude, I fucked my third girl this week!"
B. "Jaja.."
by Careboy October 04, 2010
The ultimate bond between four friends. although they may not be family, they sure do act like it. Even if they live distances away they keep contact no matter what. Their bond is sacred & can never be broken. when you name people "Jajas" it's a pact, they stay with you for life.
Sahra- "Hey jajas, we down for going on vacation?"

Tamena- "They seem mad close"

Nadia- "Yeah don't you know they're jajas?"

Donna-"Jajas, dance party my place?"
by Jajas for Life December 13, 2010

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