phrase used in online chat rooms to denote that someone is rambling on, or full of hot air. Similar to saying "yeah, yeah" to someone you're talking to in person.
Often repeated indefinitely i.e. jajajajajajajaja
john: i want to smell your sweetness
john: put my nose right on you
john: and just bask in your odor
john: take in that sweet aroma
john: put my face down there
john: and take a big whiff
candy: jajaja
by pedro valet December 20, 2011
In Polish "jaja" means:

1. eggs
2. balls (testicles)
3. sth funny/strange
1. Kury znosza jaja.
Hens lay eggs.
2. Faceci maja jaja.
3. Ale jaja!
by brzydal October 18, 2006
In Mexico it is the written form of a laughing sound. It is the same as haha in English speaking countries.
Absolute says: i am funny racist haha!

Mexican says: You are a culo also! JAJAJAJA!
by Chico's Tacos October 28, 2009
a word used by true gangsters...most used in intense beach tennis :P ---->this is for you Geoff :)
yeeaahhh boy! jaja biatch!
by spaceykaseyyy April 20, 2011
In dutch jaja is:1) a double affirmation
2) to express something you dont believe
1) mother: Ruim uw kamer op! (Clean your room!)
you: jaja (ok ok)

2) friend: Jack Nicholson was gisteren bij mij op bezoek (Jack Nicholson visited me yesterday)
you: jaja (yea right)
by Blackburn December 02, 2006
A retarded way to say lol, that singles you out for harassment and abuse.

Also see: You're doing it wrong
jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja, disregard that I suck cocks.
by ninjanymous July 25, 2009
The spanish version of "haha". Since in spanish, the J is silent.
Juan: zomg, wtf?
Hector: jajajaja!
by PaNchoVi11a April 09, 2007

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